[Organizers] Word cloud words for a contra poster???

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Fri Dec 23 08:34:42 PST 2016

Great idea!

We like to say that dancing is "Friendship set to Music!"  That may be too many words, but...it says a lot!

Single words suggestions -


Good luck!
Ben Allbrandt
Newport News VA

---- Emily Addison via Organizers <organizers at lists.sharedweight.net> wrote: 
> Hi fellow organizers :)
> In Ottawa, we're working on a new poster ... the kind you put up around
> town to try to attract to people who have never heard about contra before.
> Yes, not nearly as effective as word of mouth but we'd like to give it good
> shot!
> The thing we're struggling with is how to communicate what contra dance is
> in a way that will grab the uninitiated.  This was raised by Marie-Michelle
> on the list earlier this year... ... 'what's the elevator pitch'????
> Our current plan is to create a word cloud somewhat like this:
> http://coedtech.hdesd.org/2012/09/10/word-clouds-are-a-simple-way-to-visualize-class-discussions/
> We're looking for words to populate the cloud, mostly wanting to avoid
> unfamiliar words (e.g., many of the figures etc) but instead go for words
> that really sell the experience and that would attract brand new people.
> Things like... community, super fun, great exercise, live music....
> Any ideas for words you find sell the experience???? ???
> Has anyone made a contra word cloud before????
> :)
> Emily in Ottawa

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