[Organizers] Word cloud words for a contra poster???

Emily Addison via Organizers organizers at lists.sharedweight.net
Thu Dec 22 12:16:36 PST 2016

Hi fellow organizers :)

In Ottawa, we're working on a new poster ... the kind you put up around
town to try to attract to people who have never heard about contra before.
Yes, not nearly as effective as word of mouth but we'd like to give it good

The thing we're struggling with is how to communicate what contra dance is
in a way that will grab the uninitiated.  This was raised by Marie-Michelle
on the list earlier this year... ... 'what's the elevator pitch'????

Our current plan is to create a word cloud somewhat like this:

We're looking for words to populate the cloud, mostly wanting to avoid
unfamiliar words (e.g., many of the figures etc) but instead go for words
that really sell the experience and that would attract brand new people.

Things like... community, super fun, great exercise, live music....

Any ideas for words you find sell the experience???? ???

Has anyone made a contra word cloud before????

Emily in Ottawa
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