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> I don’t think right shoulder round is going to make the grade. It’s
> descriptive, certainly, but it is long and unwieldy and can’t be easily
> shortened to anything recognizable as you eliminate calls in the dance. So,
> I’m sorry, but I’m not going to be using it.

Personally, I use "right shoulder turn" in teaching, and when prompting, I
shorten it to "right shoulder". This is already shorter than "right
allemande", which I don't think can get any shorter.

Also personally, I would find it hard not to cringe when I hear "kipsie"
(and, not being from New York, I would have never made the Poughkeepsie
connection without the help of this list). I feel similarly about "jets" as
a dance role replacement term. It's just a little too close and reminds you
too much of what you're trying to avoid.

How dancers respond to new terms is shaped by their attitudes, which can
range from "I don't want this to change" to "I think this needed changing
but the new thing is awkward" to "I like the new thing" to "I don't care
either way" to "I'm new, what is this?" So different things may work for
different crowds, though you'll hear a lot of feedback from a few vocal
dancers, whereas most dancers I think are closest to feeling "I don't care
either way". But the whole reason we're on this topic is that enough
dancers want it to change.

Yoyo Zhou
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