[Callers] Dance logs and record-keeping

Louise Siddons lesiddons at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 01:18:39 PST 2018

In Oklahoma, Sandy Knudson has been active maintaining (and encouraging the rest of us contra callers to help maintain) a Google spreadsheet of dances in the state (because our org is statewide and many of our dancers travel to other cities for dances). It includes location, caller, dance name, and choreographer. I agree with Kalia that it’s useful to share with visiting callers, and it’s also handy for me to have a record of what I’ve called. 

Carol Barry keeps a similar record for our Oklahoma City English dances, especially the experienced-dancers series; although it isn’t currently online, I believe we’re working on transitioning it to a Google spreadsheet, as well.

I also keep a personal record of my programs-as-danced when it’s a new-to-me or infrequent venue/community, so that I have it for reference when I go back.



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