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Kalia Kliban kalia.kliban at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 20:32:08 PST 2018

On 3/6/2018 7:47 PM, Cheryl Joyal wrote:
> I started doing this for the Chicago Barn Dance Company, for a few 
> months.     Historically, I have been just writing it down at the dance, 
> or asking the caller after the dance or by a followup email.  So to date 
> it has been more of a personal project to help my calling.
> We discussed this at the last dance, and several callers and dancers 
> were interested in trying to make this part of our group so we will be 
> discussing this how we might do this as as community.
> It was initially helpful to me as I began calling more often to see 
> others programs, and as a board member for:
>   - Knowing the number of dances we are averaging per night  (we want to 
> encourage local callers to work on teaching well and calling for 
> appropriate time)
>   - Know the dance figures that are being called (to determine if there 
> are new figures we can work on for improving dance skills and experience)
>   - Know if a dance was called the week prior (for callers planning when 
>   calling the following week)
>   - To consider how much our program difficulty level varies by 
> attendance (we keep a new dancer sign-in sheet)
> I am attaching a copy of what I have been using as an initial tool…I 
> would be interested in seeing what others are doing as well.

You're tracking more info than we do for the local English.  Our 
spreadsheet includes just the dance name, sometimes the author or 
original publisher, caller and date.

Since it seems to be ok to send attachments here, I'm including a few 
months of our Sebastopol ECD log, to show what we're tracking.  List of 
dances down the left side, list of dates and callers across the top. 
Yellow column shows number of times the dance has appeared in the 
selected stretch of time (lots of blanks here since it's a very small 
time sample) and the yellow row shows the number of dances called during 
that session.

Kalia from Sebastopol
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