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Sun Mar 26 19:26:18 PDT 2017

Here's something I envisioned last fall and have been meaning to post 
for comment.  There were conversations here about gents chains and about 
balancing the activity levels of ladies and gents.  At Squirrel Moon 
Weekend, Tom Hinds called a dance whose details I don't remember, except 
that it started with a gents chain across from Becket formation, 
followed by gents chain on the right diagonal (I think).  About 2/3 of 
the way through the dance, he switched to start with a ladies chain 
across and then on the left diagonal.  It was dramatic how different the 
two versions of the dance felt.  That got me to thinking, why not switch 
each time through to symmetrize the dance, the way modern dances with 
contra corners often do?  Perhaps that's sufficiently disorienting to be 
cutting edge.

I have not had the occasion to call this, but would be happy to hear if 
anyone thinks it's worth giving a try.  I haven't thought through the 
teaching, but imagine that for a group that could handle it, two 
walk-throughs would be useful.

The working title is "Both Sides"

A1 Gents allemande 1 1/2; Neighbor swing
A2 Long lines forward and back; Gents chain, courtesy turn
B1 Gents left shoulder full hey
B2 Partner balance and swing

Alternate with
A1 Ladies allemande right 1 1/2; Neighbor swing
A2 Long lines; Ladies chain,  courtesy trun
B1 Ladies right shoulder full hey
B2 Partner balance and swing

Dave Harding

On 3/26/2017 8:26 PM, Maia McCormick via Callers wrote:
> Hi choreographer folks,
> I'm leading a session at NEFFA called "Cutting-Edge Contras", 
> consisting of un-premiered (or very sparsely called) contras. If 
> anyone has any dances they'd like to throw my way for consideration, 
> please do so!
> Cheers,
> Maia
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