[Callers] Looking for Author of Dance - The Cows Go Marching

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Wed Mar 22 07:32:56 PDT 2017

I have a wonderful dance in my box that I enjoy dancing and calling - but do not know who wrote it….   can anyone tell me who wrote it?

Also - is this the correct name since another caller said they had a dance called “the Cows are Watching” ?

Anyone have any other “Cow” dances since we are on a theme ?

The Cows go Marching by _________________

A1	(8) Long lines, forward and back
	(8) Women allemande Right 1-1/2

A2	(16) Neighbor balance and swing

B1	(8) Balance the ring
	(8) Gents Roll/Sashay Partner across set

B2	(4) Zig to Left (w/Partner), 
	(4) Zag to Right and Gents catch by Left
	(8) Men allemande Left 1x to Partner Swing

Thanks - Cheryl

Cheryl Joyal
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Cheryl Joyal
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clmjoyal at aol.com
630-667-3284 (cell)

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