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I would not even attempt that.  I might look at 10 popular calls that are
unique to MWSD and attempt to cover those.  Serving a good appetizers is
better than serving a terrible buffet.

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> Fascinating.  I'm doing something similar at Eastbourne International Folk
> Festival (http://eiff.org.uk/new-for-2017/149-jeremytea.html).
> I,however, only have 2 1/2 hours in which to take them through the gamut
> of the Basic 1, 2 and Mainstream programmes.
> Wish me luck!
> Jeremy
> www.barndancecaller.net
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>> I realize this post qualifies as both shameless self-promotion, as well
>> as possible improper use of this list for (somewhat) commercial purposes,
>> but I do think this topic may be of particular interest to contra and trad
>> callers and choreographers. Scold me if you must.
>> I'll be teaching a special weeklong workshop at CDSS American Dance and
>> Music Week at Pinewoods (Plymouth, MA) August 8-15, 2017 titled "Modern
>> Western Square Dance for Contra Dancers".
>> This course is an intensive “blitz” exposure to Modern Western Square
>> Dancing (MWSD) for experienced contra dancers, traditional square dancers,
>> and contra or trad callers. If you enjoy learning new choreography and the
>> unexpected delights of no-walk-thru contra medleys, this is for you.
>> Starting with the 25 or so contra calls that are shared with Modern Western
>> squares, we will explore much of the CALLERLAB Basic, Mainstream, and Plus
>> lists. New calls will be taught and workshopped, but you’ll get plenty of
>> time to “just dance” and enjoy what you have already learned in both patter
>> and singing call contexts. The pace of the course will be determined by the
>> students’ ability to assimilate the material, but the goal will be that you
>> can dance most Mainstream calls smoothly at speed. We will cover several of
>> the more popular Plus calls as well. Expect to be challenged and have lots
>> of fun!
>> Modern Western uses recorded music of various genres; the patter music is
>> designed to get you moving at a continuous flow and the singing call music
>> allows for a change of pace. The class time will be divided into an all
>> morning workshop session where we will learn new figures, then a late
>> afternoon practice and review session. You will have the middle of the day
>> to relax or enjoy other workshops at American Week.
>> More details at the CDSS site: http://www.cdss.org/programs/d
>> ance-music-song-camps/camp-weeks/mwsd
>> This class may be of particular interest to contra and trad callers and
>> choreographers. Many MWSD moves have been "borrowed" into contra and
>> several contra choreographers who have had experience with MWSD have
>> written dances that have components inspired by MWSD moves. (Carol Ormand,
>> Bob Isaacs, and Chris Page to name a few.) Some of the moves that come from
>> MWSD are: box circulate, pass the ocean, square thru, star thru, California
>> twirl, hinge... If you'd like to stir your creative juices, or just learn a
>> bit more about some of the calls and their applications, this is a great
>> way to do so. Learning about the added rigor of MWSD may improve your own
>> teaching and presentation skills, as well as give you new insights into
>> contra and trad choreography.
>> Space in this class is limited. Registration is currently open.
>> my site: http://site.andyshore.com/
>> I taught a similar weekend workshop in Durham NC in 2011 with many contra
>> & trad callers in attendance.  Here is my "trip report" (on facebook) from
>> that weekend
>> https://www.facebook.com/notes/andy-shore/trip-report-mwsd-
>> for-contra-folks-blitz-or-how-i-spent-last-weekend/10150112721414483
>> Questions or comments - my best contact email is andyshore at gmail.com
>> Thanks,
>> /Andy Shore
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