[Callers] Another dance-check zig-zag R dance

Ron Blechner via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Tue Mar 14 18:49:10 PDT 2017

So, this is a cross between Jeff Spero's Kiss the Bride and Rick Mohr's
Rockin' Robin:

Duple Imp.
A1. N DSD (6)
       NS (10)
A2. R+L Thru (8) (across)
       Gents Alle L 1.5x (8)
B1. P Meltdown Swing (16)*
B2. Circle R 1.25x (10)
       Zig R, Zag L (6) (to next Ns)

I was futzing with Kiss the Bride and this came out. I'd like to give
credit if it's been written, or pick a name if not.

In dance,
Ron Blechner
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