[Callers] Difficult dancers as a caller

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That is a GREAT question. I try not to call to a single dancer--largely b/c
often, calls don't even help this sort of dancer all that much. (Sometimes
I call to them out of instinct, but I've been trying to check myself there.)

I don't realllly have a good strategy here except to enlist dance angels.
If I've got experienced-dancer friends in the crowd (which I often do),
I'll point out the problem dancer and ask if my friend will partner with
them. (This isn't a favor I'd be comfortable asking of someone unless I a.
am friendly with them and b. know them to be actively interested in
partnering with less experienced folks and building up the skill level on
the dance floor.)

Interested to hear others' take on this issue!


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> Inspired by Marie's other thread, I wonder what tools callers use when
> they encounter a dance floor with such a dancer, especially if there is
> only one who is having so much difficulty but who leaves confused dancers
> in their wake. Do you call to that dancer? Do you call earlier? Do you
> adjust your program accordingly? Something else?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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