[Callers] Does this dance already exist?

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Seth Tepfer wrote: [Does this dance already exist?]

> A1: N B&Sw

> A2: LLFB; Gents Allemande L 1.5

> B1: P B&Sw

> B2: P promenade across; Circle Left 3/4, N pull by

> It seems so obvious that someone must have written it before.

It's similar to two of mine. I could have tweaked one or the other to produce the sequence above, but I decided I didn't want to give a name to every possible variation I could think of.

Heritage Reel (May 1988)
A.1: N B&Sw
A.2: LLF&B; M AL 1.5
B.1: P B&Sw
B.2: P prom across; W Ch

Solstice Special (June 1991)
A.1: N Dosi&Sw
A.2: LLF&B; M AL 1.5
B.1: P Gyp&Sw
B.2: P prom across; circle L 3/4, pass thru

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