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On 2017-03-03 1016, Bill Olson via Callers wrote:
> Dugan, Here are Dan's own notes regarding the dance.. not sure what the
> Steve Schnur dance is titled, someone on here certainly knows..:
> "I always loved this zig-zag gimmick when I danced it in Cor Hogendijk's
> "Pat's Tradition", done by English country dancers. A dance by Steve
> Schnur that featured it motiviated me to try my own. The dance was
> written for and first performed at the Dance Musician's Development Fund
> annual benefit dance. The Fund sprung out of a one-time benefit dance to
> help Susan Worland, a fine fiddler in Boston, replace her stolen
> instruments. From that, the Fund formed as a subcommittee of the Folk
> Arts Center of New England. At the annual DMDF dance (12 hours of varied
> dancing) funds are raised to benefit research and special projects for
> Boston-area dance musicians. The title gives a nod to "Pat's Tradition"
> and the beneficial tradition of the DMDF.
> "Little did I know that when the dance started getting around, people
> would start yelping, hooting, etc. during B2. I think this started in
> Philadelphia. They have my blessing! Certainly, the "pulls" in B2 should
> be done with strength, tension, and other good contra-type connection.
> Foot-stompers have my blessing, too! ;-)"
> bill

Further to Bills quote you'll find more from Dan on the figure 
("interchanging waves" - Dan, not Steve), Steve's dance name of its 
origin ("Winter of '82"), working with Steve ("Summer of '84"), in Mary 
Darts piece on Contra dance choreography.


Cheers, John
J.D. Erskine
Victoria, BC

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> Does anybody know of dances inspired by "Beneficial Tradition" by Dan
> Pearl that includes the "zipper" figure (B2 of "Beneficial Tradition")
> or variations of that figure?  I just wrote one myself, so I'm curious
> to see what else is out there.
> Here's mine:
> Dela Says Yippee by Dugan Murphy (Clockwise Becket)
> A1  Long Lines Forward and Back (8) / Neighbor Left Hand Pull-by Across
> the Set (hopping and shouting recommended on the fourth beat) (4) - New
> Same-Role Dancer Across the Set Right Hand Pull-by Across the Set
> (hopping and shouting recommended on the fourth beat) (4)
> A2  New Ladies (not the one just pulled by) Left Hand Allemande 1.5 (8)
> / Neighbor Swing
> B1  Circle Left 3 Places (8) / Partner Di-Si-Do (8)
> B2  Partner Balance & Swing (16)
> This dance is also posted here: www.duganmurphy.com/dances-i-wrote
> <http://www.duganmurphy.com/dances-i-wrote>
> <http://www.duganmurphy.com/dances-i-wrote>
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