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I’ll put in a plug for teaching more contra style as well; in particular, more weight given. Teach them how to do a circle of four while giving weight, as well as in twosome figures (and—personal botheration here--show them how grapevining on the circle disrupts the giving weight). My experience is that MWSDers learn the other stuff very quickly, but the giving weight takes much longer (and a few never realize they’re doing something different from the people around them).

Read Weaver
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> Hi everyone,
> I have undertaken to teach some modern square dancers how to contra dance, and I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this and has any dances to recommend? I’m a square dancer myself but most of my contra repertoire is for modern contra dancers- 2 swings, lots of Balance and swing, etc. I’d like more dances with MWSD moves in them and possibly without any, or only 1, swing, and they don’t need to have a partner swing. The dancers I am teaching are all either plus or advanced, so they will tire pretty quickly of the usual simple glossary contras I would normally do in a teaching situation. They can do the moves; it’s the formation that is new to them.
> Thanks,
> Judy
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