[Callers] Favorite Triplet ?

Michael Barraclough via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Wed Mar 30 12:03:48 PDT 2016

Mine is Bob's Triplet #1 (Bob Dalsemer, 1988)

A1: First couple join both hands, chassé down center (4) , heel, toe,
heel toe with man's left foot, ladies right (4), chassé back up (4) and
cast off unassisted into second place, second couple moving up 
A2: First couple turn contra corners 
B1: All balance and swing partners, end swing facing up 
B2: All chassé four steps, men to their right, ladies to their left, men
passing behind partners (4), turn to face partner, move towards each
other, joining hands in a circle of 6 (4), circle left halfway (8)

I modify the B2 1-4 into balance together, away and swap with partner
(top couple, California twirl, others rollaway) 

Michael Barraclough
michael at michaelbarraclough.com

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