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  Thank you for the helpful comments when I shared this dance a few weeks ago. I called the dance as written on 3/18/2016 at the Memorial Dance for Charlie Fellows.  It went ok but, as forecast, it was hard work to ensure that the B2/A1 transition went smoothly. I have therefore changed the dance slightly which I hope makes it a better dance. The original B1and B2 have been swapped and the two 'trades' have been changed for a 'turn single' and a 'California Twirl'.

The final dance is as follows:


Michael Barraclough (2016)
Longways improper

A1 Balance the ring, Petronella, Balance the ring, Turn Single
A2 Give & take (men take, neighbor swing)
B1 Give & take (men take, partner swing)
B2 Balance the ring, Petronella, Balance the ring, California Twirl

This keeps most of the symmetry/simplicity from the original but improves the B2/A1 transition. Dancers eemed to like the double Give & Take.

The full dance is available at http://www.michaelbarraclough.com/24-dances-i-have-written/1090-for-he-s-a-jolly-good-fellow

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