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In Another Nice Combination, dancers Pass P by R to Shadow DSD which is a
right (handed) move, before returning to a partner swing.  There is no
choice required since DSD is almost always right shoulder.


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>    I've not encountered problems with dancers not doing the figures
> described in the dance, but I have experienced a certain amount of
> dissatisfaction when dancing dances with similar figures.  I think there is
> a tendency to want to alternate hands/shoulders as you encounter other
> dancers.  Similar to a hey or Right and Left Grand if you pass one person
> by the right the tendency is to want to interact with the next by the
> left.  This can be overcome, but requires thinking about what the next
> figure is rather than just doing it and it can make it difficult to "get
> into the groove" the way many dancers like to do.  I don't think this is
> always the case, but I have certainly come across occasions when it just
> seemed like we were turning by the wrong hand or whatever.
> Jonathan
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> On 3/27/2016 3:24 PM, Kalia Kliban via Callers wrote:
>> I called Young Adult Rose last night and experienced a near-complete
>> dancer revolt about the shadow allemande.  The dance is written with a
>> circle left 3/4, pass P by R along the line then allemande shadow R 1x,
>> before coming back to P for a balance and swing.  The dancers all
>> _really_ wanted to do the allemande by the left.  I tried calling it a
>> few times with the R hand, then gave up and called it L and they were
>> all much happier.  Anyone else experienced this?
>> Kalia
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