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Hi Maia,

            First you have to decide whether you are running a business or enjoying a hobby.


            I do both and the rates are completely different.  As a hobby I charge whatever the gig can afford, going as low as zero.  But that has to be stuff that you want to do for fun, for friends, for charity, or whatever.


            As a business you need to take into account ALL your expenses: equipment, depreciation, travel costs, your time preparing for the gig and getting to and from the gig, set up and break down time, insurance, licenses for playing music, etc.


            How long they dance for is completely irrelevant.  You are providing your services for that evening and you can’t do another gig at the same time.  They are paying you for using up your whole evening regardless of how much dancing they want.  I have done weddings where I have only called three dances, and weddings where I have called 15 dances.  In both cases the bride and groom were delighted, they got exactly what they wanted and lots of great photos and memories.  The charge was the same for both!


            A good place to start is by using Google or Yellow Pages to contact a few local DJs.  Ask them how much they charge for a wedding in the relevant area.  You should be charging at least as much as the DJ as you do the same job PLUS calling!  I charge a flat rate plus petrol for all private gigs.


            Hope that helps.


            Happy dancing,



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Hey folks,


I've just been asked to call a wedding, and I don't have a good idea for what the going rate for these things is. What do you all charge for a wedding (say, 30 mins-an hour of dancing)? (And how might you adjust this rate for NYC?)




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