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Hi Aahz,

I wonder at your reasoning. Do you mean for 8-beat musical phrasing? While
that's nice, having dancers do something new every 8 beats can leave little
room for mistakes. And mistakes happen. ;)

Not a fan of Gene Hubert's A Nice Combination, then? 6-beat circle Left 3/4
to swing in that, too (even shorter if you consider it follows returning up
the hall in a line of four, which dancers are likely to get their early
when bending the line).

Also, most new dancers have trouble doing a do-si-do 1.5x in 8 beats, and
while a do-si-do 1x is technically 6 beats in most dances,  dances like
David Kaynor's The Baby Rose use that extra time to make it flexible for
both experienced and newer dancers. (As an aside, it's why I always change
DSD 1.5x to next N progressions to Pass-Thru, DSD 1x with Next N).

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> On Wed, Mar 23, 2016, Ron Blechner via Callers wrote:
> >
> > A1. Gents DSD 1x (6)
> >        NS (10)
> > A2. Circle L 3/4 (6)
> >        PS (10)
> Not thrilled.  Make each figure eight beats and I'm happy.
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