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Thanks to Donna for noticing my deliberate mistake!  I thought I had fixed
the direction of the Lasso...  I have reworded A1, hopefully to avoid

The Alabama Rang Tang and the Mountain Dosido were both originally known in
their communities as just "Dosido" (spelt anyway you like, but sounding the
same, apart from vagaries of accent). The names, and the Do Paso, were
changed to avoid confusion as mass communication brought dance communities
together. So this dance is basically a series of Dosidos!

Alabama Rang Tang: Partner Allemande Left, men cross the set, passing back
to back, reaching out with their other hand to the other lady, Neighbour
Allemande Right, men cross the set, passing back to back reaching, out with
their other hand to their Partner. Usually repeated twice then turning into
a Promenade.  The lady's job is to stay on the spot, allemanding whichever
man comes towards her and sending him back.

Mountain Dosido: The man raises his right hand (holding the lady's left
hand) and the lady walks forwards around him (CCW) while he stands
still; the lady finishes where she started. The call is now often "DoSi the
Lady"  to differentiate, and is normally followed by You Swing Mine and I'll
Swing Yours" as in this dance. "DoSi" is pronounced doe-sigh. I usually say
"Lasso the Lady" though, to avoid confusion and to help to remind them of
what the move is. 

DosiWhat? (by John Sweeney)
Contra; Becket (CW)

A1: Men Dosido; Ladies Dosido 1 & 1/2 - all face New Neighbours up and down
the hall: as the ladies pass by the right shoulder for the second time they
take their partner's right hand in their left hand, so that the man turns
1/4 to his left, and she puts her back to her Old Neighbour

You have progressed.  The lady keeps walking forwards into the next move...

A2: Men Lasso your Partner CCW around yourself and along to the other Man;
Neighbour Swing

B1: Open Ladies' Chain: Ladies Pull by Right; Partner Allemande Left 1 & 1/4
- continue into an Alabama Rang Tang: Men pass B-to-B; Neighbour Allemande
Right; Men pass B-to-B, weave into a 

B2: Partner Gypsy Meltdown

Notes: Teach the Ladies' Dosido as "Dosido and Pass Thru", otherwise they
may spin and face where they think they are going.

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