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Here's a few with a difference;

Cumberland Contra is here:

The Slithy Dance is at:

Note: You can change the Two Hand Turn in B1 into a Swing; you can teach B2
as a Whole Set Petronella

Still working on this one:

DosiWhat? (by John Sweeney)
Contra; Becket (CW)

A1:       Men Dosido; Ladies Dosido 1 & 1/2 - Men turn to the Left and take
Man's' Right Hand to Partner's Left Hand to face a New Couple 
A2:       Mountain Dosido ("DoSi the Ladies"): Lasso Partner CW around self
and along to the other Man; Neighbour Swing
B1:       Open Ladies' Chain: Ladies Pull by Right; Partner Allemande Left 1
& 1/4 - continue into an Alabama Rang Tang: Men pass B-to-B; Neighbour
Allemande Right; Men pass B-to-B, weave into a 
B2:       Partner Gypsy Meltdown

Notes: Teach the Ladies' Dosido as "Dosido and Pass Thru", otherwise they
will spin and face where they think they are going.

            The Alabama Rang Tang and the Mountain Dosido were both
originally known in their communities as just "Dosido". The names were
changed to avoid confusion as mass communication brought dance communities
together.  So the dance is basically a series of Dosidos!

            "DoSi" is pronounced dose-eye.  I usually say "Lasso the Lady"
though, to avoid confusion and remind them of what the move is.  The man
raises his right hand and the lady walks forwards around him while he stands
still.  Then "You Swing Mine and I'll Swing Yours".

	Please let me know if you try it.

Happy dancing,

John Sweeney, Dancer, England john at modernjive.com 01233 625 362
http://www.contrafusion.co.uk for Dancing in Kent

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