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Hello Tavi,

You are correct, gimmick was a bad choice of words.  Gimmick is a term used
in MWSD publications to describe surprise or unusual choreography.

The type of dances I am looking for are dances that have an unusual
element, whether it be a different move like rip 'n snort, an unusual
application as in Bree's "couple to solo" Dosido, or an unusual
progression.  These dances are easy enough for a floor with many beginners
but novel (?) enough for most dancers to enjoy.


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> I take issue with the term "gimmick." Using familiar moves in new ways is
> IMO called "good choreography." If one defines using existing moves in
> novel ways as "gimmick," basically every use of petronella turns and waves
> after "Petronella" and "Rory O'Moore" is a gimmick.
> Originally had a long list of dances, but then i saw "easy" in Rich's
> original ask, so pared down:
> "Anthem to a Pet Ferret" by Sargon de Jesus may be of interest
> "A Sure Thing" by Chris Page is challenging to teach but not actually
> challenging to dance
> also do si do and swing the one behind offers a simple but fun twist. U
> can find it in Tom Hinds' "Python Reel" and Rick Mohr's "Leave the Wine"
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