[Callers] Dances with multiple swings- Trinity?

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Sat Mar 12 11:01:29 PST 2016

Here are a couple of mine with more than 2 swings.

*Swingin and Slingin*  by Jim Hemphill
A1 Neighbor balance and swing
A2 Ladies allemande right 1 1/2
     Partner swing
B1 Circle left 3 places
     1's swing in the center
B2 Down the hall in lines of 4 (1's in center)
    Without turning around, put it in reverse back up the hall, 1's arch
and sling the 2's thru

*Steam Train   Indecent (2's cross over)A1 Gents dance in to a long wave in
the center, balance right and leftGents allemande right 1/2, left 1/2 ,
right 1/2, step to your new neighbor A2 New Neighbor balance and swingB1
Circle left 3, pass thru up and downPartner swingB2 Ladies do si do 1
1/2Neighbor (original) swing  Note: In B1 you will be reaching across to
your shadow to form the circle and they may be slightly left diagonal after
the neighbor swing.   To ID your shadow, from indecent formation have
dancers take hands in long lines and look at the couple on the Right
diagonal. The person they would swing in that couple is your shadow.The end
effects are fast paced and according to some fun,  so don’t relax at the
end. *
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