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I'm aware of one called Swingaround by Gene Hubert.  It has an 8 beat neighbor swing at the beginning followed by the number two couples swinging in the middle followed by a same-sex swing followed by the ones  swinging in the middle which leads to a line of four down the hall with the ones in the center.  That's three swing-swing transitions.  The dance is published online.

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</div>Hi all,

I'm in the process of sorting through old dance notes, and found this: "Trinity? triple swing, double progression, Al Olson." If this is an existing dance, does anyone have the choreography?

I'm also interested in finding other dances with more than two swings, especially swing-to-swing transitions.
I have:
Back from Vermont
String of Swings
CDS Reel
Meg's a Dancing Fool
Ten Strings Attached
Gang of Four
Naked in California
Alexander's Swingtime

Many thanks in advance!
(Tacoma, WA)
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