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Add the Clap and Rich's House Dance Special turns into the simple 
version of Haste to the Wedding (for which that tune works great:

A1 Circle left, then right
A2 Star right, then left
B1 Partner DSD; Clap, Partner two hand turn once
B2 Neighbor DSD; Clap, Neighbor two hand turn one-and-a-half

Or, as below:
B2 Neighbor DSD; Clap, Pass Neighbor, bow to next

~erik hoffman
    oakland, ca

On 3/5/2016 11:00 AM, Jacob or Nancy Bloom via Callers wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> On such occasions, I use what I think of as my House Dance Special, 
> which is just a Sicilian Circle straightened out.
> Duple, and don't say a word about who is supposed to be on which side 
> of the set
> Circle left, circle right
> Right hand star, left hand star
> Dosido partner, two hand turn
> Dosido neighbor, pass through and bow to new neighbor
> Jacob
> On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 1:44 PM, Rich Sbardella via Callers 
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> <mailto:callers at lists.sharedweight.net>> wrote:
>     I rarely call a contra at a One Night Party Dance, but
>     occasionally I am asked to.  I have a few in my cards, but can
>     anyone make some sure fire recommendations.
>     Assume 95%-100% non dancers.
>     Thanks, Rich
>     Stafford, CT
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