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Thu Mar 3 10:28:08 PST 2016

Although I have had many good nights as a square dance and/or contra dance
caller, My best gigs are often one night stands/party dances.  It is a
thrill to see non dancers learn to move with the phtrase of music and see
those great smiles when they succeed.  40-100 people are a good size for
such a gig, and great music is always a plus.  Success is much more
important than challenge.

Most of these parties are for a "community" that is already established, so
the dancers are already among friends.  I am simply bringing them a new,
and joyful, way to interact.

No matter what kind of venue I call, a good way for me to judge a good
dance is to look at how many dancers stick around to the end.

Rich Sbardella
Stafford, CT

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> What makes for your "best" calling gigs?
> Measure any way you'd like... size, money, people, musicians, friends,
> dancers, community, etc. Been thinking about this for a while and
> reflecting myself, and wanted to hear what other callers think.
> In dance,
> Ron Blechner
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