[Callers] East Coast tour 2016

Colin Hume via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Sat Dec 19 13:56:40 PST 2015

I've been booked to teach/call at the New London Assembly in 
Connecticut, Sunday July 17 to Sunday July 24, 2016.  I'd love some 
other bookings before or after this - I usually do 4 weeks when I 
travel to the States.  I call English, Squares and Contras - if you 
don't like Squares you probably won't want me calling your contra 
dance!  I would of course prefer several gigs in the same area rather 
than spending all my time and money flying around.  As bookings are 
finalized they will appear on my Bookings page,

Colin Hume

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