[Callers] Becket Formation

John Sweeney via Callers callers at lists.sharedweight.net
Fri Dec 11 13:22:43 PST 2015

Next time you see this couple at a dance, call for Rifleman Formation!
Maybe they will stay to see what it is.

Yes, before the relatively recent introduction of the term "Becket
Formation" that formation was known as "Rifleman Formation", after the
English country dance The Rifleman.  Yes, we were using that formation in
the 19th century, and possibly earlier, way before Becket Reel was written!

Please note I use the term "English country dance" not capitalised, i.e. not
what Americans dance and call ECD.  We do lots of English country dancing
with the " increased exertion and tempo" of contra dancing.  Young dancers
over here tend to use their energy through stepping rather than spinning,
but the energy level at a good dance is the same as at a contra!

Progression: most of my Becket dances end with "Yearn on the Left Diagonal"
giving a full eight beats for the dancers to meet their new neighbours, high
five them and retire to their new place ready to start the dance again.

Happy dancing,

John Sweeney, Dancer, England john at modernjive.com 01233 625 362
http://www.contrafusion.co.uk for Dancing in Kent

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