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Here's something new:

Signs of Life 
duple improper contra
by Jill Allen

A1  circle R X1, M allem L 1 1/2 to face P
A2  hey for 4, start by passing R
B1  gypsy and swing P (or B & S)
B2  circle L 3/4, balance the ring, calif twirl to face the next..


Columbia Contra 
duple improper contra
by Gene Hubert

A1  Allem R N aprox 1 1/4, W allem L 1/2, allem R P X1 ending with Women facing each other in the middle
A2  hey for 4, W pass L to begin
B1  B & S P
B2  W chain, star L

I call both of these quite frequently.  Both have timing which is forgiving for beginners.
Jill Allen : )

>> Hello Folks,
>> >
>> > I am relatively new at calling contras and I am looking for some asy to intermediate contras to introduce the hey to a group that includes many beginners. and/or club square dancers.
>> >
>> > "Butter" by Gene Hubert is my go to dance, but I am looking for a few more.  I like Butter because the flow from ladies chain into a RH hey is great, and because all the other calls are introduced earlier in most evening.
>> >
>> > I love simple, but different choreography, so I am open to most suggestions.
>> >
>> > Rich Sbardella
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