[Callers] Contras with a Hey

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> Hello Folks,
> I am relatively new at calling contras and I am looking for some asy to
> intermediate contras to introduce the hey to a group that includes many
> beginners. and/or club square dancers.
> "Butter" by Gene Hubert is my go to dance, but I am looking for a few
> more.  I like Butter because the flow from ladies chain into a RH hey is
> great, and because all the other calls are introduced earlier in most
> evening.
> I love simple, but different choreography, so I am open to most suggestions.
> Rich Sbardella

My two favorites for teaching the whole hey to new dancers are 
Flirtation Reel (Tony Parkes) and Carousel (Tom Hinds).  In both cases, 
you start and end the hey in the same place, facing the same person 
(neighbor and partner, respectively), then go into a swing with them (by 
way of a gypsy or balance).  In Butter, you come out of the hey into the 
progression, which is slightly less easy.


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