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Tue Dec 1 15:22:08 PST 2015

Hey, I'm new here, but what a great idea for a figure, Luke. Am I correct
in assuming that, in addition to being similar to a RH star sans hands,
that the dancers are also facing the same direction throughout the figure,
like you're supposed to do for a regular two-person do-si-do? So the
dancers would be walking forward 4 steps, moving around three other
dancers, and then reversing back to place? I can't see it taking much more
time than a regular RH star. The dancer's adjust, just like they do to any
other figure that takes more or less time than allotted, realistically.

There's also a figure from English country dancing, which is not much like
you're suggesting, but it may provide some inspiration for tweaking this
figure. It's called a Mad Robin and involves 4 people doing a sideways
do-si-do in couples.

What if you had the closer women do a do-si-do followed very quickly by the
next two? And then take the previous suggestion about choreographing a
"soft" figure afterwards, so the one or two beats is not an interruption.

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