[Callers] 4 person do-si-do?

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Tue Dec 1 13:38:48 PST 2015

Hi Luke,
	I suspect you will have timing problems in a Double Contra because
of the extra time it takes for the people at the ends of the lines.

	I have a couple of dances with a DosiAll and the other challenge is
getting them all to start at the same time.  I solve this with a Balance the
Ring first; that launches everyone into the DosiAll at the same time.

	My contra with a DosiAll is a standard contra, so it is two couples
- four individuals - all doing a dosido at the same time.

	When I teach it I sometimes get the men to dosido and then the
ladies to dosido, then explain that we can't afford all those extra notes,
so they are going to have to do both dosidos at the same time.  If they
start moving slightly more to their left than they would normally then that
will help to avoid crashes.  The balance before each DosiAll is to ensure
that everyone starts into the movement at the same time.  It's really at its
best when all four dancers do the counterclockwise spins that are common in

	You can also teach it by getting the four dancers to do a four
person Gypsy; that is the track they follow - now do it as a Dosido.

	The dancers all have to be confident and go for it - because you are
following the same track, but with your back to the other people, or
spinning, then you need everyone to keep moving.

	I have included below a three couple dance which only has three
people doing the DosiAll at the same time.  I sometimes use that to get
people used to the concept.

DosiAll (by John Sweeney)
Contra; Becket
A1: Circle Right Half Way; Balance the Ring
A2: Circle Left Half Way; Balance the Ring
B1: Partner Balance & Swing
B2: On the Left Diagonal: Half Hey - Ladies lead by Right Shoulder
   Half Promenade Across and flow into.

Gypsy A Trois (by John Sweeney)
Three Couples in a Circle
A1: Circle Left Four Steps; Balance the Ring
   Men DosiAll
A2:   Circle Left Four Steps; Balance the Ring
   Ladies DosiAll
B1: Partner Allemande Left to 
   Ladies Right Shoulder Gypsy WHILE Men Single File Promenade CCW outside
the set
B2: Meet your Partner (second time, at home): Partner Allemande Left (about
half) to your Corner
   Corner Swing - this is your new Partner
x3 should take you home

	Please let me know if your dancers enjoy them.

Happy dancing,

John Sweeney, Dancer, England john at modernjive.com 01233 625 362
http://www.contrafusion.co.uk for Dancing in Kent

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