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In modern square dance a left hand star without hands is simply called
promenade inside.  By definition a right hand star w/o hands would be a
reverse promenade inside.  Both would take 8 beats/steps to accomplish in a
square, and probably close to eight beats in a mescolanza.

I do not quite understand your comment about the women, as they will all
have to adjust there walk around to accomodate for the last women into the
"handless star" or promenade.

Unless I am misunderstanding your concept, this does not resemble a dosido
in any fashion, and I believe using that term might muddy the use of Dosido
and As Couples Dosido.

Rich Sbardella
Stafford, CT

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> It's 5 am, and I find myself awake and writing dances; specifically 4x4s.
> Unfortunately, I don't have 8 dancers waiting on my insomnia to test
> things, so I figured I'd send them to shared weight...
> Possibly this is a choreographic question already answered in square
> dancing, but I'm not familiar with the outcome. How well does a four person
> do-si-do work? I'm thinking of something along the lines of:
> Doubled-si-do
> Four Facing Four
> A1 -----------
> (4) Give and Gents take (up and down)
> (12) Neighbor swing
> A2 -----------
> (8) Women's Chain back to partner (up and down), turn to face in
> (8) All four Women Do-si-do 1x
> B1 -----------
> (8) All four Men Do-si-do 1x
> (8) All eight Circle Left 1/2x
> B2 -----------
> (16) Partner balance and swing
> End facing line of direction
> In my head, the four person do-si-do is a right hand star sans hands; but
> not sure how well it'll fly; especially since the right diagonal women have
> less far to turn to face in than the left diagonal women coming out of the
> chain.
> Thoughts?
> Thank you
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