[Callers] 4 person do-si-do?

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On Tue, Dec 01, 2015, Luke Donforth via Callers wrote:
> Possibly this is a choreographic question already answered in square
> dancing, but I'm not familiar with the outcome. How well does a four person
> do-si-do work? I'm thinking of something along the lines of:

In the normal duple improper formation, a four-person do-si-do is called
zigzag, there are lots of dances with that.  But that's not what you're
doing here.

> In my head, the four person do-si-do is a right hand star sans hands; but
> not sure how well it'll fly; especially since the right diagonal women have
> less far to turn to face in than the left diagonal women coming out of the
> chain.

>From my POV, that's a four-person gypsy.  Or maybe the square dance
equivalent would be promenade inside the ring.  The key element of
do-si-do is facing the same direction during the movement (modulo the
contra variant of a spinning do-si-do or square dancing's highland fling)
and ending up facing the same direction at the end.

I recently saw a square dance caller struggle with explaining Walk Around
the Corner (which is square dancing's equivalent of gypsy) and See Saw,
failing to mention either of the "easy" ways of getting across the

* keep your shoulder toward the person you're walking around

* exactly the same thing as an armless allemande

Anyway, there are probably several ways to call what you want, but I
think that do-si-do ain't one of them.  ;-)
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