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Tue Dec 1 02:45:27 PST 2015

It's 5 am, and I find myself awake and writing dances; specifically 4x4s.
Unfortunately, I don't have 8 dancers waiting on my insomnia to test
things, so I figured I'd send them to shared weight...

Possibly this is a choreographic question already answered in square
dancing, but I'm not familiar with the outcome. How well does a four person
do-si-do work? I'm thinking of something along the lines of:

Four Facing Four

A1 -----------
(4) Give and Gents take (up and down)
(12) Neighbor swing
A2 -----------
(8) Women's Chain back to partner (up and down), turn to face in
(8) All four Women Do-si-do 1x
B1 -----------
(8) All four Men Do-si-do 1x
(8) All eight Circle Left 1/2x
B2 -----------
(16) Partner balance and swing
End facing line of direction

In my head, the four person do-si-do is a right hand star sans hands; but
not sure how well it'll fly; especially since the right diagonal women have
less far to turn to face in than the left diagonal women coming out of the


Thank you

Luke Donforth
Luke.Donforth at gmail.com <Luke.Donev at gmail.com>
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