[Callers] 1820s-1830s Dances

Jonathan Sivier jsivier at illinois.edu
Tue Mar 18 12:18:11 PDT 2014

On 3/18/2014 12:53 PM, rich sbardella wrote:
> Can someone explain the dance below?  Also, is this dance 128 steps and 64 bars?

    Here are my notes on the dance.  The phrases have 4 bars and so the 
dance is 32 bars, even though the music is played AABBAABB.  When doing 
dances from the 1700's I tend to use 4 changes of rights and lefts 
rather than right and left through with a courtesy turn.  The result is 
the same, but I think it gives the dance a more old-timey flavor.  Also 
with a proper dance you don't have the issue of who backs up for the 
turn in the same-gender couples.


Barrel of Sugar
Clement Week’s commonplace book, ca. 1783
triple proper longways

AA  1’s hey on opposite sides, crossing back to own side and
     casting into 2nd place
BB  1st and 2nd couples 4 changes of rights and lefts
AA  1st couple set to contrary corners
BB  1st couple lead out at the sides


Hey on opposite sides: 1’s cross over and do a mirror hey.  Passing 
between the 2nd and 3rd person on the opposite side to start.  At the 
end of the hey the 1’s are heading into the set and can pass their 
partners to cross and cast down into 2nd place.

Set to contrary corners: 1’s in 2nd place set forward to 1st contrary 
corners on the right diagonal (4 beats) and fall back to place (4 
beats).  Repeat to 2nd contrary corner on left diagonal.  Inactive 
dancers should join in setting when active dancers set towards them.

Lead out at the sides: 1’s in 2nd place take inside hands and dance out 
between the 2nd and 3rd women, separate, dance around them, meet again 
in the center, take hands and dance out between the 2nd and 3rd men, 
separate, dance around them and return to place.  Inactive dancers move 
to allow the 1st couple to pass through and around them.

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