[Callers] Three Couples or Less Dances

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Hi Rich,

Ted's Triplet #3 has already been mentioned.  Of Ted's Triplets, it's the
only one I know of that's suitable for a less-experienced group.

My dance The Luck of the Morris is in Zesty Contras, in Larry Jennings'
version.  Here's my version:
Formation: From a three couple longways set, have ladies #1 and #3 change
places, and have lady #2 and gent #2 change places with each other, to get
a circle with each dancer's partner across from them.  Dancers retain their
numbers throughout the dance.  The dance is not square with the walls of
the room.

A1: Couple #1 lead a forward six and back [1]
       All swing opposite.  End couples end their swing facing the center
of the set, and the active couples end facing either of the other two
A2: Active couple ladies chain with the couple you face
       Chain back with an extra half turn to face the other couple
B1: Actives half R&L with the couple they face
       Actives down center of set and cast off
B2: Circle 6 to the left
       All go forward and back

Repeat with couple two leading the first Forward & Back, then couple three.

[1] The forward and back is oriented so that the active couple is going
forward and back to each other, and the other four dancers are going
forward and back towards someone who is not their partner.

For two-couple dances, both Billingsdale Pattern by Chip Hendrickson and
O'Donnell Anew by Tony Saletan are in Zesty Contras.

General Dummer's Reel (for five), my dance Shira's Seven (for seven), and
Cornish Six Hand Reel (for six) are three other dances I've found useful.
 They are described in the archives, at:


Jacob Bloom

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> Three Couples or Less Dances
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> Friends,
> I have a small weekly dance session with seniors in CT and often lack
> dancers.? If anyone could share dances for 5 or 7 people, or two or three
> couples, I would?greatly appreciate it.? I often fall back on solo lines
> similar to the electric slide, or I dance them in squares with a phantom
> (not too successful).
> Thanks,
> Rich Sbardella
> Stafford, CT

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