[Callers] Raeden's Curls (was Re: New Dance? Choreography Input...)

Don Veino sharedweight_net at veino.com
Tue Jan 7 09:07:02 PST 2014

I called this at last night's Monday Contras series here at the
Concord, MA Scout House with The Free Raisins. I asked them to start
out slower until folks got the feel (I believe we started with a
march) and then they amped it up at the tune change.

It was received very well and worked for a crowd including several
newer dancers when placed 2nd after the break. I demoed the A2 through
B1. The one suggestion I received from several gents was to change the
allemande right 1/2 to a pull by, but I'm concerned that could lead to
over-travel by the gents - time will tell.

As one trusted dancer rated it a "definite 9+", it appears nameworthy
- so here it is. Raeden (rhymes with maiden) is our 2 1/2 year old
daughter, who loves to twirl with her blonde curls flying. :)

I called it last night beginning from the A2 but believe the sequence
below would be easier, avoiding the need to place the 2s below the 1s
after lining up.

Should you try it, I'd love to hear about your experiences!



Raeden's Curls - Duple Improper - Don Veino 1/5/14

4,12 Neighbor Balance, Swing

4,4 Long Lines Fwd, Gents Roll Away Ladies (Rt. to Lt.) w/Half Sashay
on way back
8 Mad Robin (counter clockwise), Gents start into middle first

2,2 Mad Robin continued 1/4 more*, all Slide through to new Ns* (progression)
4,8 G Allem. Rt. 1/2 *OR* Pull By Rt., Partner Swing

8 Ladies Chain 1/2 to your Neighbor
8 Half Hey (Ladies start by Rt., Partner Lt., Gent Rt. ...) and with
THIS Neighbor...

* After the 1st 2 beats of B1 there is a transitory line of 4 facing
across the hall - two Gents are face to face in the center, Lady is
facing her N's back. From there, all slide direction of progression
parallel to Partner (Gents Left, Ladies Right) so at beat 4 there is a
similar line with new Ns.

Teaching notes: After the A1 Swing, recommend telling the Gents their
objective after the next series of moves (A2 through Mad Robin and
Slide) is to meet up with the Gent currently on their left diagonal
[for an Allemande Rt. 1/2 *OR* Pull By]. Ladies' goal is to keep eyes
locked on and to travel parallel to their Partner through the Mad
Robin and up to the Swing. Stress giving good weight through the Roll
Away and into the Mad Robin for most enjoyment.

The timing in the B1 is "squishy" but generous and the Partner Swing
brings all back into phrase alignment.

At ends, wait out improper and facing your Partner to slide in for
Gent's Allemande Rt./Pull By and Partner Swing.

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