[Callers] Dances with three or more allemandes

Michael Dyck jmdyck at ibiblio.org
Sun Feb 16 10:46:27 PST 2014

On 14-02-15 10:18 AM, Michael Fuerst wrote:
> So I am asking for dances which have at least three, and preferably four allemandes

Searching my personal collection, I find:

6 allemandes:
"Al's Half a Heyday" [Al Olson] (but 2 are only 1/2)

5 allemandes:
"Jeffro's Tree" [Don Flaherty]
"Chuck the Budgie" [Rick Mohr]
"Remember the Alamo" [Gene Hubert] (but 4 are only 1/2)

4 allemandes:
"Two Whos in the Middle" [Al Olson]
"Chichester House Reel" [Steve Zakon]
"Dr Brown's Prescription" [David Kirchner]

4 allemandes, one of which is only 1/2:
"Coal Country Contra" [Ron Buchanan]
"Eric on Mondays" [David Kaynor]
"Al's Answer" [Al Olson -> David Kaynor]
"Hey in the Middle" [Tom Hinds]
"Thinking of John" [Erik Hoffman]
"Hull's Surprise" [Tom Hinds]

4 allemandes, two of which are only 1/2:
"Batja's Breakdown" [Tom Hinds]
"Ben's Spinoff #3" [Gene Hubert]
"Ben's Spinoff #2" [Gene Hubert]
"Southern Swing" [Steve Zakon]
"Fuller Park Fantasy" [Paul Balliet]
"Sunday on the Green" [Jim Kitch] (circle mixer)


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