[Callers] Circle & pass through as the last move of a dance

Bob Isaacs isaacsbob at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 12 16:28:12 PST 2014

There's another aspect to this discussion; what about when circle L 3/4 and pass through is the first move in a dance?  Many Becket dances begin this way, and I have no problem with that if the next move is an allemande or a dosido.  But when the A1 is circle L 3/4 and pass through, new neighbor swing, that swing often gets compressed to about 6 beats.  Fortunately, Gene Hubert gave us a better alternative:


Butter       Becket-L


A1.  Slide L and circle L 3/4, neighbor swing

A2.  Long lines, ladies chain

B1.  Hey (LR, NL, GR, PL)

B2.  Partner balance, swing


Here the slide L and circle L is a true 8 beats, and neighbors can used their joined hands to pull into the swing.  Yes, circle and swing is very common, but that's a programming issue, not a timing issue - 




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