[Callers] What is flowing contra? (was: Flow & Glide Contras)

Aahz Maruch aahz at pobox.com
Wed Feb 5 08:32:04 PST 2014

On Wed, Feb 05, 2014, John Sweeney wrote:
> I am planning some workshops, for festivals here in the UK, with the title
> "Flow & Glide Contras: Dances with beautiful flow, connectivity and a
> smooth, satisfying glide."  (Thanks to Sarah VanNorstrand and no doubt many
> others for the title!)

There's some risk of hijacking this thread, so I've changed the Subject:

I wrote this contra with the intent of being flowing, and I'm curious
what other people think -- if you think it's not flowing, please try to
explain why:

Panix Dot Chat (aahz at pobox.com)

Becket formation
Double-progression, better with odd number of couples

A1  Right-and-left thru on left diagonal (8)
        (Yes, start with progression)
        (Warn ends about not moving)
    Right-and-left thru new couple (8)
A2  Circle left 3/4 (8)
    Swing neighbor (8)
B1  Pass through (4)
    California twirl (4)
    Men left-hand turn once-and-half (8)
B2  Balance and swing partner (16)
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