[Callers] Favorite mixers?

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The Wheel, circle mixer by Gene Hubert
A1 Promenade (CCW)(16)
A2 (face partner Gents facing out, Women facing in) join 2 hands with partner and walk ~8 steps IN (8), join hands in concentric circles and walk ~8 steps back out (8)
B1 all circle LEFT (opposite directions obviously)
B2 *SWING* (nearest person)
This dance is a riot. needs MANY couples in circle and resist urge to make 2 sets because even when dancers line up originally in circle NEXT to partner, they are never that way in the actual dance. Lots of craziness at swing, lost and found in the middle. gender changes happen here, also if dancer cannot find a partner at swing (or promenade) stay in dance with "invisible partner" and try again. Needs many couple to make it work, especially since women are on the outside of the concentric and have shorter arms on the average. If this becomes a problem 9womens arms being pulled out or arm sockets) tell dances "big steps in, short steps out"..  often, after a few times thru, I tell the dancers to "let the music tell them when to swing" in B2, then it's REALLY a riot. This works for dancers of ANY level! I've never had experienced dancers not have a good time. 
I miss Gene!

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> I'd love to add a few more mixers to my repertoire.  Which ones do you 
> like for beginning groups or for early in the evening?  And do you have 
> some that more advanced groups can enjoy?
> Kalia
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