[Callers] End Effects

Paul Wilde zenyente at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 21:46:32 PDT 2013


Last month @ Pinewoods George Marshall was calling the afternoon
contra sessions @ E & A.   Lots of fun & really interesting dances.
On some of the beckets, where the cpl out at the end (whether partners
or neighbors) needed to stay right where they are, he taught/called,
'stand where you land'.  I think diagonal chains or pass thrus would
usually put the cpl out in this position.  Another nice call for end
effects for cpls who are not involved w/ a diagonal move (etc.) is,
'for those who can'.

If the dance has a very unusual series of end effects, I try to
analyze the scenario the end cpls are experiencing, then synthesize it
into the most helpful but pared down advice that will alert dancers to
at least what sorts of things to be ready for.  This may not require
telling them every little pc, as it may differ slightly for top and
bottom cpls, depending on even or odd # of cpls in the line.

More specific example provided upon request.  Would love to hear what
others have to say on topic.

hugs around,

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