[Callers] Scheduling/programmer Question

Linda Leslie laleslierjg at comcast.net
Thu Sep 12 06:31:59 PDT 2013

Jim responded to Linda's question (in part here):
> That said, there is a strong tendency to work on a quarterly
> cycle, and the reason--at least for BACDS dances--is that we
> have for many years published a quarterly printed calendar.
> The calendars are mailed out (to those members and other
> mailing list subscribers who have elected to receive paper
> mailings rather than electronic publicity only), along with
> other publicity flyers, near the start of the month preceding
> a calendar quarter.  For example our October-December 2013
> calendars went out a few days ago.
> (some paragraphs deleted)

> Linda, I hope that answers your question.
Yes, it does! I can see how publishing a quarterly calendar let to the  
natural choice to program on the same cycle.

Except for special dances and weekends, my preference is definitely  
for the quarterly scheduling. But I do understand why organizers might  
have a longer view. I, like Kalia, find it challenging to predict what  
might be happening a year down the line.

It will be interesting to see what others think.

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