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Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
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On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 4:40 PM, Linda Leslie <laleslierjg at comcast.net>
> A quick look at the link seems to reveal that Give & Take is missing.

Thanks, you're absolutely right, Give and Take is another one I hadn't

> Can you share with us why you are making this list?
> warmly, Linda

Sure thing; I maintain a package for the typsetting system LaTeX (used to
typeset most scientific articles, lots of books, pamphlets, etc.) that can
be used to typeset traditional dances for books and calling cards. On of
the features I'm adding to the next version is the ability to have
`shortcuts' for various common (and some uncommon) moves. Without going
into the technical details, the way this works is that a publisher working
on a book (or the actual caller/author they're into this sort of thing)
would write out their dance using a predefined set of commands which looks
something like this:

\begin{contra}{Code's Compiling}{Sam Whited}{Duple becket}
   \rightandleftthrough*[Left diagonal:]
     {\footnotesize \textbf{Notes} The Neighbor dosido into a partner see
     should be one fluid motion. Resist spinning in the dosido, and start
     revolving slowly over your right shoulder as you enter the see saw and
     everything will flow. Make sure lines have \textbf{lots} of space for

This (and possibly other dances / text) then gets run through a special
program and turned into a nice looking calling card, article, booklet, etc.
This means the copy editor can just write out the dance and not worry about
things like line spacing, kerning, etc. (someone who's job it is to do that
sort of thing can deal with it later).

While you can always define your own figures, it's sometimes useful to have
shortcuts for moves (eg. `\swing', `\rightandleftthrough', etc. as seen
above). These shortcuts make things like generating an index a lot easier,
and prevent people from needing to copy and paste similar moves / phrases
over and over.

For anyone interested in this sort of thing, the project can be found here:

Thanks again,

Sam Whited
pub 4096R/EC2C9934

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