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Erik Hoffman erik at erikhoffman.com
Wed Sep 4 00:48:36 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I've written several dances with variants of the Down the Hall business:

*Curly Cues*


Erik Hoffman

A1   Ones Split Twos (Twos moving up), with Next Couple Mirror Gypsy, 
Ones heading Out - Twos in Center, Ones come Up the Outside past first 
Twos (twos moving back down), Ones Cross All the Way Over to end of Line 
with First Twos (WWMM, Ones on the ends, Twos in the center)

A2   Down Center Four in Line (4), Fold Line, Twos Back Out to Reform 
Line (still WWMM, now Ones in center) (4), Ret (4), Hand Cast (4)

B1   Ones turn Contra Corners

B2   Ones Balance & Swing, end facing down.

     An Alternate, simpler A1: Ones Down the Center past Two, Up the 
outside to Place, Cross to Line as above.  In this version, the Twos can 
steal a Swing, end facing up, just in time to assist their Same-Sex 
Neighbor into the WWomenM line.

     And, I know, with the modern rage of alternating corners, this can 
be done as an alternating corners dance, but I prefer it as an "Actives 
& Inactives" dance.

Curly Cues is my variant of Chorus Jig...


The next has what I call "The Big U Turn."  I think Tony Parkes wrote a 
dance with The Big U Turn in it, too.

*Train of Thought*


Erik Hoffman May 29, 1992

A1   Allemande Left Neighbor 1½;  Half Hey, Women start, Right shoulder 
(actually, 3/8: WR, PL, MR)

A2   (coming out of the Hey, form a Circle, Men backing out to put 
Partner in Left)  Circle Left ¾;  Swing Partner

B1   Down Hall 4 in Line, with a Big U-Turn (four steps down, fold line 
to face Acorss, Pass Thru, fold to face up - reforming line)

B2   Women Allemande Right 1½;  Swing Neighbor

     Written on a train to San Diego, while thinking about the dance, 
"The Bluemont Reel."


     There are several dances with the "Right Hand High, Left Hand Low" 
idea.  If I recall correctly, Don Flagherty wrote one with three people 
doing  the trad Right Hand High, Left Low, with one person turning 
alone.  This one has four people doing the Right Hand High, Left Hand 
Low, with the center couple "acting as a unit":

*Emily and Jerry Tie the Knot*


Erik Hoffman June 17, '89 & May 16, '00

A1   Balance& Swing Neighbor

A2   Down Hall Four in Line, with the Centers acting as a "Unit," Right 
Hand High, Left Hand Low, and invert the line, Return, Fold Line

B1   Circle Left ¾;  Swing Partner

B2   Half Promenade;  Circle Left ¾, Twos Arch and Pop the Ones Thru

     In the original, after folding the line it was:
     B1  All Box Gnat with Partner, All Swing Partner in Center (Ones 
above the Twos), ending facing up and down (Facing the couple you've 
been dancing with).
B2  Circle Left (once), Balance the Ring, Twos Arch, Ones Pop Thru.


     OK, the next doesn't have a down hall four in line, but three do go 
down while one goes up, and, since the holiday season is getting closer, 
it does have a "We Three Kings" story line, and is designed to go with 
the tune "We Three Kings" played as a straight jig...:

*Follow That Star*


Erik Hoffman

A1   with New Neighbors: Star Left;  with Old Neighbors: Star Right (if 
you want to make it easy, have the initial minor sets do a left & right 
star, without the neighbor Switching)

A2   Ones take Number Two Man Down Hall in Line of Three WHILE Number 
Two Women come up the hall single file, Turn Alone, Return, Line of 
Three Folds into a Circle around Number Two Women

B1   Circle Three around Number Two Women;  Swing Neighbor on "Own" Side

B2   Long Lines Forward &Back;  All Swing Partners (or just Ones if 
space is tight)

     After the (A1) Stars, Three "Kings" follow them on a journey to 
find a (B1) Babe in a Manger.  Then (B2) Everyone Celebrates!  To be 
danced to "We Three Kings" straightened out and as a Jig.


     I never liked the Dublin Bay variant where you did the down the 
hall, back up going down, come up the hall, turn to back up, going up 
the hall, then fold into a circle.  That folding into a circle from 
backing up never felt good to me.  So I made up one that did something else:

*Happy Birthday, Susan*

Erik Hoffman

A1  Women "Chain the line"
           (Women Allemande R ¾, then to next Women,
           those Women Allemande Left ¾ to meet Neighbor
           on the Right diagonal -- across from a Shadow);
       Swing Neighbor

A2  Long Lines Forward &Back; Women Chain to Shadow

B1  Dublin Bay (variant) Down Hall 4 in Line (4), turn alone to back up 
-- down hall (4);  Come up hall (4), turn alone to back up the hall (4), 
ends loop back (turning alone, away from the lines) WHILE centers step 
forward to:

B2  Partner Balance & Swing

     Note where partner is in B1: if you're in the center of the line of 
4, your partner is on the end of the line in front of you.  If you're on 
the ends of the line, your partner is behind you.

Given to Susan Petrick on her birthday, while on tour with the 
OpporTunists in 2010 (I think).

All for now,

~erik hoffman (oakland, ca)

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