[Callers] Unsual dances (Levi Jackson mod)

Erik Hoffman erik at erikhoffman.com
Tue Oct 15 10:51:09 PDT 2013

Here's one with an unusual formation: the modified Tempest formation:


Erik Hoffman

Odd---Modified Tempest Formation

December 1998

A1Ones down center, turn as a Couple, Return, while the twos and threes 
slide up the set one Couples place, cast off with (new) same sex two and 
three person

A2Hey for Four, ones start, passing Rt shoulder, Couples two and three 
acting as "units" latching onto their Partners.

B1Finish the hey (it takes longer with "units"), ones cross to Star Left 
with the opposite Couple (ones without Partners)

B2All Balance & Swing Partners (Twos & Threes on the side, Ones in the 

Formation is a U shaped triple minor formation, Couple one facing down, 
Couple Two to the Right of Couple One, facing in, Couple Three to the 
Left of Couple one, also facing in.I set this up by having both the ones 
and the twos get Improper, then the twos and threes circle Lft ¼, as in 
Becket formation.

On the first walkthrough I haven't taught the progression.When Couples 
finally progress, both the Twos & Threes come out at the same time.Since 
only one goes in the next time round, I have the Two Couple go in first, 
and Couple Three wait out an extra time.At the bottom end, only one 
couple goes out at a time.  Thus there, when first Couple comes out, 
they need to wait for a second Couple before entering the dance.I 
suggest the first Couple waiting out become a number Two, the second a 
number Three.  That means that at each end of the dance it's the other 
couple that has to wait twice prior to coming back in.

This dance was written at Camp Harmony, the San Francisco Folk Music 
Club's annual new years camp.It was at a workshop where I was making up 
"experimental contras."I was naming them for the signs around the 
hall.This one landed on the "Garbology" sign -- one discussing the use 
of garbage.Since this is something we should all consider, I think it's 
well named.

~erik hoffman
     oakland, ca

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