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meant this to go to the group too

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I've done this a LOT in schools. the level of ability varies from class to class, and even varies within one class, especially kinergarten and 1st grade, and with K and 1 what they can do is different fall and spring. That said, it's always fun.. I don't have a LOT of time to think about this right now but here are a few tips..
See if the school will pair different grades together (1 with 4, 2 with 5, something like that) many schools I have worked in have "reading buddies" where younger and older kids are already paired up. If you can get that, you have a better chance of the younger kids being able to respond to instructions because they can watch what the buddy is doing and they are much more able to respond to things they see than words they hear.
If not that and you have to go grade by grade, then K and 1 are much better with play game type "dances" than even the simplest whole set dances. the older kids can do simple whole set dances.. and enjoy them.. I had a 4th grader come up to me and say, "I thought this was gonna SUCK but it was fun.. I digress
Get the Amidon books. There are two  know, one of simple play game dances (Jump Jim Joe) and one of simple dances Chimes of Dunkirk). Paul Rosenberg has one called "peel the banana" too.
We often start (before dancing) just clapping our hands and tapping our feet along to the music.. then start a dance. 
Make sure the teachers are there to help AND DANCE. No letting them get away with thinking they have a period off!!
More when I get a chance.. Doing stuff in the schools is REALLY important.. Don't often get the pats you do calling at a dance weekend, but.....
bill in Maine

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> Hi,
>      I've been asked to teach some dances in a local elementary school. It would be grade by grade. Any suggestions/advice? I've called Family Dances but not schools and am a bit hesitant. I'll have a fiddler for music.
>      Thanks for any help!
>          Sue Robishaw, U.P. of Michigan
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