[Callers] Contra Academia?

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Hast, Dorothea E. "Performance, transformation and community: contra dance in New England." Dance Research Journal 25.1 (1993): 21+.

Schwartz, David M. "Contra dancing." Americana 7 (1979): 62+.

Becker, Robin. "Contra-dancing in Nelson, N.H." The Kenyon Review 14.1 (1992): 26+.

Flinn, Juliana. "American country dancing: a religious experience." Journal of Popular Culture 29.1 (1995): 61+. Abstract:  
American country dancing such as contra and square dancing is
assuming religious status for many U.S. citizens, who want to have a sense of
coherence and community integration above materialism and individualism. They
use religious terms such as spiritual and transcendental to express their
experiences of dancing. They compare the dance with religion on the basis
that both these functions generate a feeling of togetherness among
participants. Dance gives them an opportunity to have spiritual experience.
Simplicity of the dance is another reason for its popularity. 
Contra dancing in Maine: the revival of an American tradition : a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment ... for the degree of Master of Arts (Musicology - Ethnomusicology) -- Vincent Tufo, University of Michigan. School of Music
University of Michigan, 1979

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