[Callers] End Effect Rules / Patterns

Jack Mitchell jamitch3 at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 27 13:27:24 PDT 2013

So...I've been thinking about trying to put together a workshop for 
experienced dancerd that would consist of dances that have end effects, 
but giving the dancers some rules of thumb to go on for different types 
of end effects.  Would be glad of some help brainstorming different 
general categories of end effects (grouped by "coping mechanism").  
Here's what I can come up with off the top of my head (Corrections, 
additions and clarifications welcome)

Type: Dances where you pull by along the set or do things with one 
neighbor after another
Rule: At the ends, when you don't have a neighbor, treat your partner 
like your neighbor
Rule: If you have to pass by shadows to get back to your partner, go the 
long way at the ends -- don't try to cut the corner

Type: Things on the diagonal
Rule: If there's no one there, stay put and *keep dancing -- you're not 
out yet*

Type: Shadow is also neighbor
Rule: Know that Shadow will fill both roles

Type: spit out temporarily (with partner, neighbor or shadow) and then 
come back in
Rule: Dance with ghosts

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