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John Sweeney info at contrafusion.co.uk
Fri Jun 21 06:56:32 PDT 2013

Paul described the Spanish Waltz:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
1-16) w/ P F & B, then inside hand (same hand) to N for CA twirl (4 m.)
      w/ N F & B,   "     inside hand to P for CA twirl (4 m.)
      w/ P F & B   "         "       "     to N for CA twirl (4 m.)
      w/ N F & B  "         "       "     to P for CA twirl (4 m.)
(17-20) Hands Across R H Star
(21-24) L H Star
(25-32) w/ P Waltz on to next set of Ns
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Paul, that's not really a California Twirl :-)  A California Twirl has
180 degree turns - it starts side-by-side, not facing.  If you call it a
California Twirl then those who know what that is may get confused.

The move is "normally" called a Star Thru - start facing, 90 degree
turns, finish side-by-side.

I know some people think that that is a square dance term and therefore
you shouldn't use it in a contra dance, but this isn't a contra dance
and any way square dancers say "Swing" - are you going to stop using
that term?  Why not just see it all as one glorious spectrum of dances
and use good terms when they are useful!  Of course if you don't like
saying "Star Thru" then Larry Jennings (in Give-and-Take) suggests
"Twirl to Swap" as a generic term for any such move.

Teaching hint: tell all the ladies to put their right hand behind their
back and the men to put their left hand behind their back for the first
half of the dance.

Alternate ending: I often work with people who don't know how to waltz.
A great alternative for the "Waltz on" is:
Take your partner in a promenade hold, move slightly forward to your
right so that the men's left shoulders are almost touching and you have
a line of four, dance forwards with waltz steps so that the line rotates
a in complete circle and a little bit more then on to a new couple.
This move flows beautifully out of the Star Left as well :-)

Much easier for the inexperienced, and looks great!

Happy dancing,

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